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You work hard in your professional career to solve complex challenges and design efficiency into everything you do. Researching and applying to graduate schools should not be so frustratingly time consuming.

EngineeringCAS was designed to make your graduate degree search and application process as efficient as possible through a single platform that allows you to find and apply to multiple best-fit Engineering schools with one set of application materials.

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See What CAS Applicants Are Saying...

It’s much more efficient to use one website for multiple applications.

Better to do it all in one place, right? I only had to sign in once and all the information carried over.

It’s so much easier to have everything in one place and not have to type the same information over and over.

Having a common application instead of answering the same question half a dozen times was extremely nice.

It’s easier to track all of my applications under one platform.

Applying to multiple schools was much easier than applying to each school separately.

Using one application to consolidate and apply to multiple schools is so efficient.

I loved being able to apply to multiple universities by uploading my documents once.

Saved me so much time and effort. I liked that it reduced the chance for error and wrong information, too.

I loved the convenience of having all of my applications in one place. It made it easier to track them, too.

Source: Applicants to the 2019-2020 cycle shared their feedback through a short survey about their experience using Liaison’s Centralized Application Service for Engineering (EngineeringCAS™), Business (BusinessCAS™) and Graduate (GradCAS™).