4 Reasons Why Recruitment Fairs are Now More Important Than Ever

If you’re thinking about applying to grad school, don’t assume the lack of in-person recruiting events will prevent you from learning about as many schools and programs as possible. In fact, the opposite is true. Today, virtual recruitment fairs allow you to easily search for your dream program in a highly personalized and effective way that would have been impossible to imagine not that long ago. It may still be months before all campuses are able to host large gatherings, so in the meantime, here are four reasons you should take advantage of these virtual events:

They’re better than a Google search.

A Google search of the phrase “grad school options” generates about 125 million results, including plenty of ads. If you don’t know where to start your search, that’s enough to make your head spin. Visiting the web site of every institution and program that might interest you isn’t a much better option. You’ll likely spend hours at your computer, clicking link after link to find the information you need.

Virtual recruitment fairs, on the other hand, deliver all the information you need in a well-organized and time-efficient forum that lets you absorb knowledge rather than search for it. NACAC provides this list of upcoming virtual fairs.

They’ll open your eyes to new opportunities.

When you attend a virtual recruitment fair, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a school you hadn’t previously considered and realize you like its program. At the same time, you may also learn more about the school you thought you wanted to attend and realize it’s not actually the best fit for you.

Either way, virtual recruiting events can help clarify your vision of grad school — and career — success.

Admissions officers want to woo you.

These are tough times for grad school recruiters. Even before the pandemic, many grad schools were struggling to fill all of their seats with best-fit students. That’s still the case at a lot of well-respected colleges and universities. The admissions officers you’ll encounter at virtual recruitment fairs really want you to apply and enroll at their institutions, so they’ll do their best to showcase everything they have to offer.

You’ll build a better network.

Signing up for a virtual recruitment fair demonstrates your interest in your dream schools — and helps them get to know you before you apply. Even if you don’t apply to every school that interests you, you’ll still be making connections in your chosen field and getting helpful admissions advice along the way.

The pandemic continues to introduce new challenges for everyone involved in higher education. On the bright side, though, it has revolutionized grad school recruitment fairs and made it easier than ever to learn more about which program is right for you. Make sure you’re taking advantage of these opportunities as you plot your academic future!