With the COVID-19 outbreak causing unemployment rates that are double those the U.S. experienced during the economic crisis of 2007-2009, millions are now rethinking their plans for the future. Past trends have shown that recessions lead to an increase in graduate degree program applications, so many believe that this will also be the case for 2020-2021. Whether you were planning on applying, or maybe just starting to consider going back to school for a business graduate degree, now could be the optimal time to invest in a graduate management education.

Prepare for a More Employable Future with a Business Graduate Degree

With global budget cuts leading to furloughs and layoffs, finding a job right now is challenging, making it all the more attractive to consider alternate paths to wait out the storm. If you’ve already been forced out of the workforce, spend your new free time learning new skills through a business graduate degree program. Once the economy bounces back, you’ll find that the number of job postings that are relevant to your education and experience will expand exponentially.

Achieve a High ROI in Business Graduate Degree Programs

If you are thinking about making a career change, an MBA can open the door to a variety of opportunities, including jobs in:

● Accounting
● Business Administration
● Business Analytics
● Cyber-Security
● Entrepreneurship
● Finance
● Health Administration
● Human Resource Management
● Information Systems
● International Business
● Leadership
● Management
● Marketing
● Public Administration

This type of business graduate degree looks great on a resume, and your time in the classroom, whether virtual or traditional, will also help you expand your network, giving you connections that can help you find and secure a job after graduation.

There’s a reason business schools are seeing an increase in applicants this year — business graduate degrees pay off and those who earn this specialization land jobs, which many people are in desperate need of right now. Going back to school is a big decision and will require a large investment of both your time and money. With the unpredictable circumstances that 2020 has created for the job market and the economy, business school may be the smartest investment you make. Search for, discover and apply to top business graduate degree programs today to chart your path through whatever else 2020 throws our way.