Benefits of a Graduate Degree in Engineering

If you could make one decision now that would increase your chances of landing your dream job, add tens of thousands of dollars to your salary, and ensure a future full of growth potential, would you do it? If you are on the fence about whether or not to go back to school for a graduate degree in engineering, add these three reasons to the pros section of your pros and cons list.

1. A master’s degree in engineering increases your chances of landing a job.

Even before the recession, the engineering job market was competitive, and now that unemployment numbers have skyrocketed, finding an engineering job is more challenging. Having a graduate degree in engineering will increase your chances of getting a job if you’re competing against a candidate who only has a bachelor’s degree. Completing graduate school means you put in more time and gained more training and experience than those who stopped at a four-year degree, making you a more promising asset to potential employers.

2. A master’s degree in engineering will increase your salary.

With a graduate degree in engineering, not only are you more likely to get a job, but you’re also more likely to earn a higher paying salary. According to U.S. News & World Report, for many engineering disciplines having a graduate degree can lead to an annual salary of more than $100,000. Multiple degrees can also increase the likelihood of getting promotions as well as open you up to other job opportunities and career changes in the future.

3. A master’s degree in Engineering will provide the opportunity to specialize.

Earning your graduate degree in Engineering will open up a number of specialized career paths in fields such as:

● Biomedical Engineering
● Chemical Engineering
● Civil Engineering
● Computer Engineering
● Electrical Engineering
● Engineering Management
● Environmental Engineering
● Industrial Engineering
● Mechanical Engineering
● Software Engineering

Master’s programs provide a much more in-depth study of the subjects you pursue as an undergrad, setting you up to be a better fit for specialized positions and therefore much more in demand at top companies.

Going back to school after just finishing up four years may sound daunting, but once you consider the pay-off, it’s well worth the extra time, work and money. Explore schools that offer graduate degrees in engineering today to set yourself up for a stable, well-paying and fulfilling career tomorrow.